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Hello! I’m Jennifer

Full-Time Stay At Home Mom and Graphic Designer & Online College Student @ SNHU 


I originally started my business as a freelance Web/Graphic Designer in 2012 but quickly transitioned to a stationery, planner sticker business in 2018.  I was attending the University of Phoenix during that time for a bachelor’s degree in English but transferred to SNHU for a bachelor’s in English (Creative Writing Fiction).

 I love planning, especially planning with stickers! It provides me a creative outlet and keeps me organized with my busy schedule. My favorite planner is the Big Happy Planner. This was also my first planner. I also enjoy Plum Planner, Happy Planner Classic, 

Aurora Estelle,  Erin Condren… I think you get the point. I love planners and have many for different purposes. 

If I’m not planning, I’m enjoying my time with my two daughters (Sophie and Judy), my husband, and two fur-babies (Shiloh and Rico).  

I also self-publish short romance reads @ Kindle Unlimited. You can find more info here at 


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